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Pharmaceutical industry is facing intense competition and strict regulatory guidelines. An essential objective for them is to optimize their operations. Since this industry is highly impacted by globalization, adopting a universal system makes it easier for the industry to reach high operational efficiency.

Our primary focus areas are:

  • Control applications on top of the existing equipment and process assets to improve productivity.

  • All equipment and assets are IT enabled to meet the global regulatory standards.

  • Electronic batch reporting to meet regulatory norms with quality enhancements.

  • Energy efficient utility systems.

  • Efficient plant level decision driving system to make the operations error free.

I-logicon has extensive knowledge of the operational challenges in the Pharma industry. We leverage that knowledge to help companies adopt the global best practices and deploy our solutions for specific requirements. As we follow the V model of project execution, we deliver results with clearly documented process as demanded by this industry segment.


  • Process Automation by incorporating control elements for sequencing with filed instrumentation.

  • Retro fitment of legacy controllers and DCS for improved efficiency.

  • Improving performance of standalone machines and process skids.

  • Specific Applications:

    1. WFI skids

    2. HVAC Clean room controls (BMS)

    3. Process Batch with Electronic Batch reports

    4. Track and trace – traceability solutions

    5. Distillation columns

    6. Solvent recovery systems

    7. Lyophilisation

    8. Sterilization process control

    9. Integrated process critical data management (Historian)

    10. Plant information system (Electronic web-based reporting)

    11. Weighing and dispensing

    12. FDA compliance study & implementation

Utility equipment controls:

  • Boiler controls

  • Air compressor controls

  • Refrigeration compressor controls

  • Substation monitoring

  • DG controls

  • Load shedding

  • HVAC controls

  • Water treatment plants (RO, DM)

  • Integrated utility management system

User friendly engineered HMI/SCADA system on top of the integrated processes and machineries. 

  • Environmental controls:

  • Air quality monitoring and reporting

  • Water quality monitoring and reporting

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