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The consumer products industry is a very vast field, and the applications are near infinite. The company is proud of being in the industry and has hands on experience in proving control and monitoring solutions in the core consumer industry. The following are the key industry where the team can provide expertise in solution deployment

  • Sugar plants and includes

    1. Boiler and power plant

    2. Cane crushing

    3. Boiling house

    4. Distillery

  • Corn crushing and sweeteners-based plant to produce Glucose, sorbitol, Malto dextrin

  • Bulk Corn storage handling plants

  • Sugar, flour, and Refine Flour handling plants typically seen in snacks and confectioneries

  • Ecommerce industry like Amazon, dairy sorting applications core requirements

  • Biscuits industry including, batch mixers, baking oven handling, packing

  • HVAC applications in consumer industry

  • Soaps including fabricare and beauty care

  • Coffee industry including instant coffee and filter coffee

  • Packing solutions for consumer industry

  • Raw/Fresh water, Effluent treatment plants and zero discharge applications of the industry

Weighing and batching applications is common in consumer industry. Based on the industry the batching applications while remains same, the scheme changes on batch size and ingredients

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