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Iron making is an initial process in any Steel company which involves converting iron ore and other minerals to hot metal. The hot metal is than provided to steel melting shop where it gets converted to usable steel. The usable steel can be prepared based on the target industry for example auto, infrastructure, flats, special steels etc.

For Iron making using the blast furnace route for hot metal the supporting departments would be

  1. Coke Oven

  2. Pellet plant

  3. Sinter plant

  4. Raw material handling applications

The team has comprehensive experience in all the above including the following sub applications

  1. Wagon tippler

  2. Apron feeder

  3. Crushers

  4. Stacker

  5. Reclaiming

  6. Barrel reclaiming

  7. Weigh feeders

  8. Coke Oven battery management

  9. All moving equipment’s like Pusher cars, stamping cars, charging cars

  10. Palletizer

  11. Burner management in pallet plant

  12. Bunker management

  13. Stock house control including Weigh and batching of Blast furnace

  14. Bell less top blast furnace

  15. Pulverized coal injection

  16. Cast house including mud gun controls

  17. Stoves

  18. Coal and ore drying plant

  19. Coal handing subsection

  20. Gas cleaning plant

  21. Slag granulation plant

  22. BF gas and coal-based Boiler and turbine generators

  23. Water and water recirculation

  24. Dedusting systems for cast house, stock house, RMHS, coke oven, sinter plant etc

  25. Reports

  26. ERP connectivity

  27. IOT applications in all the above

  28. Energy management

The Iron making segment is a key area of any steel plant and automation products used in above Iron making includes standalone or redundant PLC, VFD, soft starters, intelligent MCC, wireless radio and complete electrical solutions

Steel melting shop

The steel melting shop in a steel plant starts from receiving hot metal from Blast furnace, electric arc furnace etc. The hot metal needs to be processed to achieve right chemistry based on the target industry the finished material desired. The various subsection of the pant includes

  1. EOF (Energy optimization furnace)

  2. LDF, VD

  3. Billet or bloom caster

  4. Dedusting system

  5. The company retains expertise in several sub applications and have used all automation products like PLC, drives, soft starters, coordinated AC or DC drives, medium voltage starters, IMCC etc

Balance of plant

There as several other applications by groups which are normally called as service departments to main shops in any steel plant. The automation applications include

  1. Gas mixing stations

  2. Booster pumps

  3. Consumptions, control and monitoring of utility gases like BF gas, coke oven gas, LD gas, nitrogen, oxygen using small PLC or RTU

  4. Gas based power plants

  5. Middleware applications for providing specific energy consumption

  6. Energy management at Main receiving substation or MRSS

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