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OEM/EPC Solutions

The industrial manufacturers engage OEM/EPC based on their domain expertise and their Proven Track Record (PTR) for their green field/brown field projects on equipment and process procurement.

The OEM’s and EPC’s can execute their deliverables to the end-users by partnering with Control Automation System Integrators (CA-Sis) to meet the end-user’s expectations of a high-performance IT-enabled automated system.Our OEM/EPC solutions come with a good understanding of the big picture of the customer’s needs and satisfies the OEM/EPC‘s primary expectations of Faster Time to Market (FTM), Coordinated User Engagement (CUE) and Lower Cost of Ownership (LCO).

The OEM/EPC’s primary expectation is fast turnaround time of implementation of solutions passing through conceptualising, approvals, process building, manufacturing, and integrated testing stages.

Our company supports OEM/EPC customers to achieve their goals by good understanding of the deliverable. We apply relevant engineering and application standardisations with competent resources who are equipped to handle multiple project activities. We work towards fast completion of the project to enable the end customer to reap the intended business benefits earlier than expected.

While adhering to the timeline, BASE extends support to OEM/EPC with requirement gathering, scope definitions and choosing between multiple options of control system configurations through consultative approach to meet the cost benefits of the OEM/EPC and ROI for the end-user.

For process measurements to achieve the targets of safety, accuracy, reliability, and economy it is very essential and important the instruments are calibrated, installed, impulse tubed, wired and loop tested before they put into service, as per the recommended industrial practice.

I-logicon with its associated partner can provide the following services for new or revamping of existing installations of Instrumentation & Electrical equipment’s/components:

Testing & Calibration of all process Instruments such as Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature, DP Transmitters, Switches, Gauges, Gas Analysers, and sensors like Thermocouples and RTDs

Stroke checking & calibration of Control valves, On-Off valves, MOVs, Power Cylinders and Dampers, PSVs etc

Installation of Base frames, internal wiring & commissioning of DCS & PLC systems, junction boxes, LCPs, Local control stations, push button stations etc.

Installation and erection of cable trays, ducts, racks, conduits along with necessary support

Supply, meggering, laying, glanding and termination, continuity and loop checking of signal, control, and power cables of all sizes

Testing of Electrical panels such as HT, LT, MCC, LVDT, AVR Panels, Transformers, and bus ducts

Testing of Earth pits and induction motors

Fabrication and installation of base frames, installation of Transformers, HT & LT panels, lighting panels, bus ducts, LCS etc

Supply, laying, glanding and termination of HT & LT cables of all sizes

  • Supply and installation of light fixtures, poles, welding sockets etc

  • Supply and installation of earth pits, earth wires and strips.

OEM/EPC Applications

Ilogicon has worked with many OEM’s who possess specific domain expertise in various process areas and who continue to associate with us for project executions. Many applications implemented through OEM/EPC partnering range from designing to commissioning of electrical control systems and include erection and commissioning scope of activities. Some of our projects are:

  1. Water treatment – RO/ ETP/ DM and wastewater.

  2. HVAC and BMS.

  3. Boilers.

  4. Compressors.

  5. Heat treatment equipment – furnace, oven etc.

  6. Special Purpose Machines (SPM).

  7. BOP (Balance of Plant), bulk material handling systems, process control, and weighing and batching systems for power plants, ferro-alloy plants, pulp and paper plants, metals and minerals plants.

  8. Process batch system with integrated utility – paint, chemical industries.

  9. Unit material handling system (conveyors) and pneumatic conveying system.

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