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Combining decades of our experience working on different OT and IT Technology platforms, our MES Modules can help you with the following:

  1. Auto Production Confirmation in ERP, SKU-wise from each machine

  2. Plant KPI Monitoring

  3. Product Genealogy / Traceability

  4. Paperless Manufacturing

  5. Workforce Guidance

  6. Central Recipe Management System and Auto recipe downloading to machines

  7. Shop-floor Inventory Management & FIFO

  8. Stage-wise Poka-Yoke Implementation on Material feeding (Correct part, correct sequence, correct measurement)

  9. MHE Tracking in Stock Area (RM / FG / SFG)

  10. Capturing of Process Parameters and Abnormality Alerts

  11. Live Plant Dashboards & Display that can be viewed anywhere:

    • Workplace status

    • WIP status

    • Consumption update against production order

    • Plan Vs Actual

    • Traceability (if barcode/RFID option is opted)

    • CTQ and performance reports

  12. Interlocks to avoid Wrong Material Loading

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